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Carpet & Rug Steam Cleaning


Carpets are prone to collecting dust, dirt, and bacteria may unknowingly bring into your home. It is crucial to keep your carpets clean and germ free especially if you have children and pets. Those who are sufferers of asthma or other respiratory issues would greatly benefit from germ-free carpets as our carpets are usually home to thousands of micro-organisms including dust mites and other harmful bacteria which may flare up respiratory health or skin irritation issues in people. If you or your loved ones are experiencing breathing difficulty or coughing, skin irritation, watery eyes or a runny nose it may be time to have your carpets Diamond steam cleaned.


Carpeted surfaces that are regularly steam cleaned enjoy a clean and fresh appearance and usually last much longer than carpets that are neglected.

Our kid safe, environmentally friendly processes include an eco-friendly pre spray to lift marks and stains as well as a thorough shampoo followed by full sanitisation of the affected areas. Your carpets will look, feel and smell brand new filling your home with a clean odour. 


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