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Professional, non-toxic Steam Cleaning with Outstanding Results

Diamond Steam Cleaning - Affordable Steam Cleaning Experts in Melbourne

We are a family owned and operated carpet cleaning business and enjoy carpet in our own home.

We see a clean carpet as a strong foundation of a home, it brings people together! Carpets can be part of the most sacred parts of your home, the most intimate, the most used, the most enjoyed...and sometimes the most neglected!

We are the experts in inspecting carpets that are in need of a carpet cleaning treatment. We provide you with Professional carpet steam cleaning treatments such as the Diamond Steam Cleaning's renowed Oxy Plus oxygen therapy that produces outstanding results.

Our passionate commitment to being the best Steam Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning provider in the industry ensures a thorough, hygienic clean every time. Guaranteed. 

We are experts in using hot water extraction treatment for optimal steam-cleaning results.

We are experts in using hot water extraction treatment for optimal steam-cleaning results. Our equipment and organic product line is top of the range, and allergy and child friendly. Our expert team specialises in hard-to-remove stains from carpets, mattressesLounges & Upholstery and other surfacesWe are family-owned and operated and enjoy carpet in our own home.  
  Did you know?Unclean carpets, mattresses, rugs, lounges and upholstery can be a breeding ground for micro particles from skin cells, food particles, pollen and other forms of bacteria you may unknowingly bring into your home. For example Bed Bugs can live and survive in carpet fibres, in your mattress (Mattress Cleaning Service). A regular vacuum will remove dust and other particles, but is not usually strong enough to remove irritants that cause allergies and asthma in children and adults.  

Our professional services such as the Diamond Steam Cleaning’s renowned Oxy Plus oxygen-therapy, is our specialized carpet cleaning service. A ruglar carpet steam clean, mattress clean, lounge clean will help to protect your children and loved ones from irritants that cause allergies.

  Our Services include but are not limited to: