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Mattress Steam Cleaning

Mattress steam clean every 6 months and reduce the risk of allergens while keeping your mattress looking like new.


The National Sleep Foundation recommended that mattress steam cleaning or mattress cleaning should be undertaken every six months, as regular mattress steam cleaning and sanitising reduces the risk of allergens, and keeps mattresses looking new. Harmful bacteria such as bugs, dust-mites and mould thrive in cool or moist areas so it is crucial we regularly take charge of our surroundings and sleeping environment.

Our mattress cleaning process removes dust mites, dust mite eggs and excrement, together with dead skin cells, which are the main food source for dust mites and other harmful bacteria. A regular mattress cleaning service or matress steam cleaning service, in addition to reducing bacteria and other allergens, significantly helps to reduce the incidence of sneezing, itching and coughing. If you or your children are prone to asthma or other respiratory issues it is recommended by the National Sleep Foundation ( Founded in 1990 by the leaders in sleep medicine, NSF is the trusted resource for sleep science, healthy sleep habits, and sleep disorders to medical professionals, patients and the public ) that a professional mattress stream clean of mattress every 6 months promoting a healthy and good night’s sleep. 

For an optimum mattress clean stains are best removed within 72 hours, so please don't delay in contacting us to arrange a time for our experts to assist with aa professional mattress stream clean.

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