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Steam Cleaning with Oxy Plus oxygen therapy



Diamond Steam Cleaning’s renowned Oxy Plus oxygen-therapy natural chemical free compound has been one of our most popular services for over the last two years and one of our most effective cleaning services.

Oxy Plus oxygen-therapy is the most advanced cleaning technology used in the contemporary cleaning industry, world wide!  Diamond Steam Cleaning’s oxygen-therapy services works by rejuvenating your carpet from its old and tired look to feel and look as it was when it was new. Diamond Steam Cleaning’s Oxy Plus oxygen-therapy works by discharging oxygen crystals into the fibres of your carpet, rugs and material. Oxygenating crystals are released by being difussed when heated with steam. Oxygen molecules quickly diffuse across the fibres of your carpet, rugs or material rejuvenating and cleaning. The effects are vividly incredible. After the service your carpets, rugs and materials will shine with brilliance and freshness, colours will come to life. With the application of Diamond Steam Cleaning’s Oxy Plus oxygen-therapy all fibres and materials will feel softer and warmer. All without the use of harmful and toxic chemical compounds.

Diamond Steam Cleaning’s Oxy Plus oxygen-therapy is a natural cleaning solution which is safe and clean, just as a home should be.

The crystal oxygen decays with steam and gives your carpet an incredible brilliance, freshness, bringing colours to life and giving a feeling of softness without chemicals and other toxic substances.